5 months ago
#521 Quote
If you are using the datalogging sensors to "remote log" data with no gateway nearby then make sure that if/when you bring the sensor near a gateway to upload data that the sensor's FLASH will not be erased and available for reuse until ALL stored data has been uploaded.  So lets say your sensor had 60,000 readings stored and you brought it near a gateway and it uploaded 59,900 readings and you then put the sensor back into the field.  

(1) The FLASH would not have been erased because all data was not uploaded and
(2) The sensor would only have 5,535 (65,535 - 60,000) readings of logging space left before it would stop storing data.

So how do you know if ALL data was uploaded?  
(1) Click on the sensor ID, then the "summary" tab and verify that for the last 10 readings the read date and create date are contemporaneous, ie close to each other in time.
(2) graph the data over the timespan of the stored data and verify there are no "holes" in the data.

Final note - DO NOT POWER THE SENSOR OFF DURING DATA UPLOAD TO THE GATEWAY.    You wont lose data but the upload process starts at the beginning.  So if the sensor had 60,000 readings in memory and you turned it off while it was uploading reading number 59,999 it will restart uploading at reading 1 the next time its powered on.