DriFi™ Monitoring

OmniSense's new DriFi™ wireless remote monitoring systems and accessories are designed specifically for the Restoration user.  OmniSense has partnered with Dri-Eaz Products to bring you the best possible solution for automating restoration data collection and documentation.  Better documentation means faster claims processing and faster payment.  Better data means better drying performance. With our new G-3 series gateway with built in 3G cellular data it has never been easier to monitor the progress of your drying job live and in real time.  Gateways come with either Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint M2M data service and data fees are included in the $29.99/mo monthly monitoring fees.  Open the box, plug it in and it's online, it's that easy!  All Dri-Eaz "i" series dehumidifiers have a built in wireless interface to the DriFi™ system so you can see the status of your dehus in real time from anywhere in the world.  Hands on or online training is available through the Restoration Sciences Academy.


OmniSense Dri-Eaz RSA

 Note that all DriFi™ equipment is compatible with all OmniSense and GE HygroTrac equipment.