5 months ago
#520 Quote
The only error we log for either sensors or gateways are "link timeout" errors.  What that means is that the sensor started a wireless communication session with a gateway that "timed out" before it was successful.  Every time that happens we log the event for both the sensor and the gateway that were involved.  How is this information useful?  

If a sensor has frequent link timeout errors that tells you it has a poor wireless link with the gateway and that either the two should be moved closer to each other or you should add another gateway that's closer to the sensor.

If a gateway has a lot of link timeout errors with many sensors that tells you the gateway is not well located or might be located near a wireless obstruction like a electrical panel or thick concrete.  You should move the gateway closer to the sensors and or farther from nearby wireless obstructions.  Or you should add another gateway closer to the sensors experiencing the link timeout errors.

What does it mean if you see a last read date that is farther in the past than the last error date?  It means the sensor tried, and failed, to send data to a gateway.  The sensor is close enough to a gateway to achieve partial success and establish the wireless connection but the wireless link is so poor that the entire wireless conversation between sensor and gateway can not be finished successfully.