6 months ago
#501 Quote
The gateway can act as both a WiFi client and a WiFi Access Point (“AP”).
1.  WiFi Client - a device that connects to a WiFi AP.  For example, in your office when using your phone, when you search for and connect to a WiFi network (also called a WiFi Access Point) on your phone, when it connects, becomes a “Client” of that “AP”.  Note that for our gateway to connect as a client to a WiFi AP that, just like your phone, you would have to scan for and join a WiFi network and, if the network was secured, enter a password.  
2.  WiFi Access Point (“AP”) - a device that broadcasts a signal that says “here I am, I am a WiFi access point, Clients can connect to me and, if I am connected to the internet, my clients will get access to the internet through me”

By default the gateway is enabled as a WiFi AP and has no client connections configured.  Because the WiFi AP is by default on, the WiFi LED is by default on.  The WiFi LED being on does NOT mean:
1.  A WiFi client connection, if it was configured, is connected or
2.  The gateway is connected to the internet or
3.  The gateway is connected to our server

ONLY the internet LED means the gateway is connected to both the internet AND to our server.