5 months ago
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The relay in the flow meter is "locally" controlled.  By default the relay is triggered using the "Alarm #1" alarm rule on the flow meter controller.  The "Alarm #1" trigger thresholds are set using menu 73 (low side) and 74 (high side).  When the measured flow is lower than the low side or higher than the high side then the relay is triggered.  The local audible alarm is also controlled by Alarm #1 so it will sound at the same time the relay triggers.  The relay has both "Normally Open" and "Normally Closed" dry contacts where "Normal" means "when the relay is not energized or triggered".  

Will you be alerted through the web monitoring system if the relay is triggered?  By default no but you can be IF you create an alarm rule on the web site that mirrors the settings that were used on the flow meter controller.

Note that the alarm settings on the flow meter controller and the alarm rule settings on the web site are 100% independent of each other.  Changing a setting on the web set does NOT change a setting on the flow meter controller and vice versa.