11 months ago
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Note that by "offline" we mean "not connected to the internet" and by "online" we mean "connected to the internet".

The short answer is exactly the same as you would use it in online mode.  The only difference is that data is uploaded at a later date if/when the gateway has a working internet connection, for example when you bring it back to the office and plug it in to your office LAN.

As always the data, when uploaded, will go to the job site the gateway is currently assigned to.  If the gateway is unassigned then your data will be lost forever.  Note also that if the gateway is at a job site with marginal cell service it may go online after you have left the job site which means that no matter how you think you are using the gateway it MUST BE ASSIGNED TO A JOB SITE BEFORE YOU USE IT AT THE JOB SITE OR YOUR DATA CAN AND WILL BE LOST FOREVER.