one year ago
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This is a known problem.  Here are the details:
1.  Our gateway always asks for a DHCP address from the network.  If it gets one it turns off its own DHCP server.  If it does not it assumes it needs to be the server.  This requires the LAN_DHCP interface to be enabled and to receive a IP address from the local network when one is requested.  The LAN_DHCP interface is enabled by default.  Any chance someone disabled this interface thinking that would stop the DHCP server?  Just FYI it is the LAN_STATIC interface that has the DHCP server.
2.  The wireless sensors do not rely on DHCP.
3.  We can permanently disable the DHCP server “over the air”
4.  If the DHCP server is disabled the next time you connect the gateway to your PC you will have to set a static IP on your PC in the 10.168.1.x subnet in order to communicate with the gateway.  It is for this reason that the DHCP server is on by default, so you can plug the gateway in to a PC, the PC will get a IP address from the gateway and you can type into the browser URL and it will connect.