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We have upgraded the network connection to our data center and increased network speeds by 13X which should result in faster pageloads and faster downloads. We have also migrated our servers and databases to SSDs (solid state disks) which will also speed up web site performance. A side effect of theses changes is that our server's static IP has changed. If your gateways are currently online read no further. If you have gateways that are not online, plug them in and verify they have connected to our server and leave them online for an hour and they will automatically be updated. Our old static IP will go offline Aug 1 2020 after which gateways that have NOT been updated will no longer be able to connect to our server. Not to fear, they can manually be updated to use the new static IP by following these instructions:

How to manually update G-3/G-4/G-7 gateway to use new static IP

How to manually update G-900-2/BLD9010 gateway use new static IP

We are very excited about these improvements and hope you like them as much as we do!

As always, questions or comments please contact us.


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