What is OmniSense?

OmniSense LLC is a leading producer of wireless sensor networks for commercial and residential applications. Our products can be purchased either direct from us or from our distributors. Our sensors are used to monitor temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, dew point, absolute humidity, differntial pressure, particulate levels, soundpressure levels, carbon monoxide (CO), energy consumption, rainfall, wind speed, solar insolation, water consumption, gas consumption, flow rate, fluid levels in tanks, CO2 levels and many others physical parameters. If you do not see the sensor you need, contact us as we can often quickly customize existing sensors for new applications.

Our Customers

Our customers include General Electric, NAHB, USDA, CH2M Hill, Hilton Hotels Corporation, CB Richard Ellis, Liberty Building Diagnostics, Indoor Environmental Technology, Pacific Seafood, JE Dunn and many others. We currently monitor historic buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, data centers, private residences, office buildings, governemnt buildings, food storage facilities and building science test structures. Our sensors are in use in most of the 50 US States, Canada, the Carribean, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Turkey, and New Zealand.

Our Products

Our wireless sensors can be used for short term monitoring projects or can be permanently embedded in buildings inside walls, roofs, crawl spaces etc. Sensors communicate through one or more gateways to our database server. Sensor data is easily accessible using a powerful web browser interface. Try our guest login (username guest1, password omnisense) to see a live demo of our system in action. System alarm thresholds can be custom configured to alert users when a data parameter goes outside of a acceptable range. When an alarm event occurs system subscribers and/or their maintenance company can be alerted by email, pager, text message, or phone. The system also will alert you if a gateway or sensor goes offline. Systems are typically used in a online mode where the gateway relays the sensor data to our server in real time but our system can also be used in a datalogging mode where the gateway stores sensor readings in its FLASH file system for upload to our server at a later date. Our largest installation to date is approximatley 1000 sensors in a commercial flat roof which is monitored for liquid water intrusion, temperature and humidity. Most of our sensors operate from a single long life lithium battery that lasts anywhere from 15 to 45 years for truly maintenance free operation. Sensor readings are sent from the gateway over the Internet via your Ethernet LAN, cellular, dial-up or satellite data connection to our SQL server where data is stored in a SQL database. Because data is transmitted live and in real time to our server site visits to collect or download data are not required. Once the data is in our database it is immediately available for viewing and analysis from any web browser in the world.

Using our Products

Typical monitoring applications include:


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