OmniSense FMS is an intelligent Facility Monitoring System (FMS) that combines wireless sensor networks with the OmniSense Monitoring Service for 7x24 monitoring of environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature and wood moisture content that influence the integrity of building systems and critical facilities.



OmniSense FMS Overview

OmniSense FMS for Cost and Liability Control


Recent advances in micro-electronic design have made it possible for OmniSense to manufacture miniature wireless sensors that can be installed during or after construction to monitor the integrity of a building structure and the systems that control a facility’s environment. Why is this development considered revolutionary in the construction and building management industries? Because most problems that eventually require expensive solutions in facilities management are readily detectable long before they cause acute damage. Moisture and mold related business liability is skyrocketing while insurers have eliminated water damage coverage from their policies. The OmniSense Facility Monitoring System is a timely and cost effective solution for improving control and visibility of moisture related damage.


How the OmniSense FMS Works

FMS Sensors wake up periodically from an ultra low power sleep state and measure environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and wood moisture content and transmit them wirelessly to an internet connected Gateway within a building site. The Gateway relays the data over the internet to a central database, where the monitoring application performs a variety of data analysis, logging and reporting functions. The FMS web site provides a user friendly interface to the monitoring application. Using the FMS web site users can view their sensor data in real time, set alarm thresholds and view graphs of sensor data to see exactly when and where a problem has occurred. The FMS web site also provides the interface to communicate and send firmware updates back to Gateways and Sensors. The frequency of communication between the Sensors, Gateway and central host are unique for each facility and purpose, but in all cases are virtually constant – in intervals ranging from minutes to hours for most applications. Historical data is preserved to establish situational benchmarks and current data is monitored for acceptable variations. Unacceptable variations in conditions are pinpointed to a sensor location and facilities managers can view historical data and utilize trend analysis to determine when, where, and how to engage a potential problem.

Result: reduced liability for moisture and mold related damage and illnesses, fewer costly repairs, fewer business interruptions and extended building lifecycles.

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