S-14 Wireless Weather Monitor

S-14 Wireless Weather Monitor, monitors average and peak wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and solar radiation

Our S-14 Wireless Weather Monitor is a must for the building scientist that wants to know how external weather is affecting overall building performance.  The OmniSense S-14 is designed to use the reliable weather sensors from Davis Instruments.  Our web user interface allows users to graph weather data verses any and/or all other building performance data collected from system sensors.  As with all our sensors, data is relayed by our gateway over the internet in real time and can be viewed from any web browser.

  • The S-14 is designed for use with Davis Instruments 7911 Anemometer, 7852 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, and 6450 Solar Radiation Sensor.
  • Continuously monitors
    • Average and Peak wind speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Total accumulated rainfall
    • Rate of rainfall
    • Solar Radiation (also known as solar insolation)
  • Web site displays
    • current data
    • graphs of historical data
  • Can graph data from any other OmniSense sensor vs weather data
    • For example graph heat pump energy vs solar radiation
  • Over The Air updates of
    • Firmware
    • Configuration, including sample period (ie time between samples),
  • Powered from single 3.6V long life lithium battery
    • Battery life varies with sample period and reporting period.  Assuming a 5 minute reporting period expected battery life is > 2 years.
  • alarm emails when measured value exceeds high or low thresholds or returns to normal range.
  • FCC/CE approved
  • Compact, battery powered and wireless makes for an easy installation.

Comes with:

  • Long life Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery Installed,  AA Size, ER14505


S-14 Quick Start Guide
S-14 Wireless Weather Monitor S-14
Wireless Weather Monitor, US FCC marked
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