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The S-100 Gateway Performance Sensor is not really a sensor but rather a way for us to monitor the performance of the gateway itself by collecting performance statistics every 5 minutes and logging them into our database.  Once in our database they are available for viewing and analysis just like the data from any other sensor in our system.  

As with all of our sensors, go to the job sites page and hover your mouse over the column heading in the sensor's data table for a pop up help that describes what that data field is.

What do we monitor about the gateway's performance?
Tcup - Cellular data connection uptime, ie how long has the cellular modem been connected to the carriers network?  Use this to help debug cellular connection problems

CSS - Cellular Signal Strength.  Just what it sounds like.  Measured from 0-31 where bigger is better.  

Tgup - gateway uptime, ie how long has the gateway been powered on since it last rebooted?  If you want to know if someone switched your gateway off 2 days ago then look at the graph of Tgup, it will show when the gateway was powered on or off.

Readings - How many readings the gateway has transmitted to the server since it was last rebooted.

Sensors - how many sensors has the gateway talked to since its last reboot?

SOG - Speed over Ground - only valid if the gateway has a GPS receiver

Lat, Long - GPS position - only valid if the gateway has a GPS receiver

Map - click for location on a map - only valid if the gateway has a GPS receiver

Vbatt - not used today but may be used in future to report the gateway's back up battery voltage