6 years ago
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The G-3 gateway acts as both a WiFi Client AND a WiFi Access Point (also known as AP or Master).  As a WiFi AP it uses a "private" IP address of  Unfortunately MANY home and small office WiFi routers use the SAME IP address and in the world of IP networking that's called a "IP address conflict".  So if you try to configure the G-3 to join, as a client, a WiFi network where the WiFi router uses the G-3 will allow you to join the network but it will continuously be  connecting and disconnecting from the network due to the IP address conflict.  Worse yet, when that happens you will no longer be able to connect to the G-3 as a WiFi client because the G-3 will not enable its AP mode while its trying but failing to connect as a client to another WiFi AP.  

So what is the solution?  Change the IP address G-3 uses as a WiFi AP to something other than  To do this:

1. Connect to your G-3 using a wired Ethernet connection
2. open the G-3 admin web page by entering "" into your web browser
3. Login and navigate to the "Network" menu and then click on "Interfaces"
4. click on "Edit" for the "LAN_WIFI" interface
5. Change the "IPV4 address" from the default to something else.  We suggest  DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE!!
7. click "Save and Apply"